XML Serialization, part 2

As I promised, I made an example of using serialization and deserialization in C# First of all we have to create class of objects which will be serialized/deserialized, let's say Person.cs: Then we should write a sample program which would do this 2 operations: As you can see, first we serialize list of objects, and … Continue reading XML Serialization, part 2

XML Serialization

Today some information about object serialization without any examples, which are going to be in a 2nd part of this article (nearest future). What does serialization mean? Why should/shouldn't I use it? Situation: You have a huge IT project and someone asked you to make some optimization. It is too slow, it needs too much … Continue reading XML Serialization

Using JetBrains ReSharper with a StyleCop plugin

In September I wrote a short article about writing a clean code. I told you that it is a good habit to implement programs with a one and good style. Today I am going to wrtie something about a special tools which are very useful during programming. First of all, you need to have a … Continue reading Using JetBrains ReSharper with a StyleCop plugin