XML Serialization, part 2

As I promised, I made an example of using serialization and deserialization in C# First of all we have to create class of objects which will be serialized/deserialized, let's say Person.cs: Then we should write a sample program which would do this 2 operations: As you can see, first we serialize list of objects, and … Continue reading XML Serialization, part 2

XML Serialization

Today some information about object serialization without any examples, which are going to be in a 2nd part of this article (nearest future). What does serialization mean? Why should/shouldn't I use it? Situation: You have a huge IT project and someone asked you to make some optimization. It is too slow, it needs too much … Continue reading XML Serialization

A.Guardian – let’s make a quadrocopter! – part 2

Hello again, We have been working on A.Guardian for almost 5 weeks. Last week we had a lot of problems with Arduino ADK and our phone, but fortunately we have already solved it. Since Friday we have been focused on moving our engines. Today, on Monday we finished it, and now everyone can see a … Continue reading A.Guardian – let’s make a quadrocopter! – part 2