XML Serialization

Today some information about object serialization without any examples, which are going to be in a 2nd part of this article (nearest future). What does serialization mean? Why should/shouldn't I use it? Situation: You have a huge IT project and someone asked you to make some optimization. It is too slow, it needs too much … Continue reading XML Serialization

Java – Inheritance

According to my latest post about Inheritance in C++, I am going to explain the same in Java. Let's go: We have to create class CFurniture in file named CFurniture.java (here is the first difference ) and then: Then we create another class called CTable (CTable.java): In main we have to write:

Project – Aguardian

We are starting  a new project as a science group at our University of Technology. It is going to be a model of a flying machine. It will work on a Google Android platform. Our project contains hardware & software construction. Smartphone will be programmed in Java and will control the Arduino module - it … Continue reading Project – Aguardian