Interfaces. Do I need these?

My friend has asked this question one week ago. He was not able to understand the usage of interfaces in his small projects. I decided to explain it, but I knew that it would be a long journey, from the beginning to the end. FInally he got the idea. Today I will try to explain … Czytaj dalej Interfaces. Do I need these?

Virtual methods & overriding in C++

A few months ago my friend asked me if I could explain a virtual methods in C++. How to use them, how to implement and why are these so important when programming? Today I am going to answer all of these questions. First of all, we use virtual methods during inheritance. We create a pointer of base … Czytaj dalej Virtual methods & overriding in C++

Java – Inheritance

According to my latest post about Inheritance in C++, I am going to explain the same in Java. Let's go: We have to create class CFurniture in file named (here is the first difference ) and then: Then we create another class called CTable ( In main we have to write: