Design Patterns – Decorator

Decorator is a design pattern used to dynamically "decorate" (e.g. add new actions) another classes. Let's say that you have class which describes Window. It can be opened or closed. Then, you decide to decorate it with curtains or to clean it - you  will do it yourself or hire somebody, who will be a decorator. … Continue reading Design Patterns – Decorator


Prototype design pattern. You should use it whenever you need to clone model classes. A simple example is when you have 1000 clients and you need to provide them invoices. Then, you only need to change e,g, names, surnames and total amount - you don't need to create another invoice from the beginning. Again, the … Continue reading DESIGN PATTERNS – PROTOTYPE

Design Patterns – Facade

Facade is one of design patterns which are used most frequently. To explain what it is and how to use it, we can compare it to a black box. In black box test, tester is only allowed to create the input and get the output. He doesn't know anything about processing inside of the system. … Continue reading Design Patterns – Facade