XML Serialization

Today some information about object serialization without any examples, which are going to be in a 2nd part of this article (nearest future). What does serialization mean? Why should/shouldn't I use it? Situation: You have a huge IT project and someone asked you to make some optimization. It is too slow, it needs too much … Continue reading XML Serialization

Virtual methods & overriding in C++

A few months ago my friend asked me if I could explain a virtual methods in C++. How to use them, how to implement and why are these so important when programming? Today I am going to answer all of these questions. First of all, we use virtual methods during inheritance. We create a pointer of base … Continue reading Virtual methods & overriding in C++

C++ – References & Pointers in functions

Hello again! Today I am going to explain how to use references and pointers during our programming. First of all advantages & disadvanteges: A: - we don't create a copy of our arguments, we work only on a reference or pointer - faster realization and faster compilation in comparison to transfer args through values -we … Continue reading C++ – References & Pointers in functions