A.Guardian – let’s make a quadrocopter! – part 2

Hello again, We have been working on A.Guardian for almost 5 weeks. Last week we had a lot of problems with Arduino ADK and our phone, but fortunately we have already solved it. Since Friday we have been focused on moving our engines. Today, on Monday we finished it, and now everyone can see a … Continue reading A.Guardian – let’s make a quadrocopter! – part 2

A.Guardian – let’s make a quadrocopter!

Few weeks ago, I wrote about blimp, which we were supposed to do, but unfortunately we haven't got enough money for it. We decided to make a Quadrocopter. Last Friday we spent a lot of time doing the construction. Here you have some photos of it: Friday, after 4 pm One of our engines Another … Continue reading A.Guardian – let’s make a quadrocopter!

Project – Aguardian

We are starting  a new project as a science group at our University of Technology. It is going to be a model of a flying machine. It will work on a Google Android platform. Our project contains hardware & software construction. Smartphone will be programmed in Java and will control the Arduino module - it … Continue reading Project – Aguardian