IIS: ‚Cannot start W3SVC service’ or ‚unable to start debugging on the web server’. How to fix it?

While working with Internet Information Services (IIS) you can meet several problems. One of the most popular issue is a communique that you can’t start W3SVC. You can find a lot of articles in which people says that you should re-install IIS. But there is another way to fix it:

Cannot start W3SVC service

You need to open Start -> Search programs and files -> and search for services.msc (just copy this, paste in a search window and click Return:


Then in ‚Services’ list you need to find ‚World Wide Web Publishing Service’. Right-click on it and go to Properties:


Find ‚Startup type’ and select it to Automatic:


Apply and click OK button. Now when you try to debug your e.g. asp.net app you will see this alert (‚Unable to start debugging on the web server(…)‚):


The only thing that you should do now is to go to the IIS Manager and start your server. Then try to debug your code. Voila!

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