Java – Inheritance

According to my latest post about Inheritance in C++, I am going to explain the same in Java. Let’s go:

We have to create class CFurniture in file named (here is the first difference ) and then:

class CFurniture


private int itsType; // differences between private(in Java) and protected(in C++)

public CFurniture() ;

public void SetType(int myType)


itsType = myType;


public int GetType()


return itsType;


//as you can see, we have to put public/private in all of the lines, where we are defining constructors/methods/variables

Then we create another class called CTable (

class CTable <strong>extends</strong> CFurniture // difference between ":" (in C++) and "<em>extends</em>" (in Java)


private char itsColor;

public CTable()


super(); // now we can inherit


public char GetColor()


return itsColor;


public void SetColor(char color)


itsColor = color;


In main we have to write:

public class Main


public static void main(String[] args)

CTable Table = new CTable();


System.out.println("This table is " + Table.GetType() + " type!");



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