C++ Inheritance

While using OOP (Object Oriented Programming) we have to operate on classes, so we create our own class, for example class CFurniture:

class CFurniture

   Cfurniture(); // constructor
   ~Cfurniture(); // destructor

   int GetType() { return itsType; } // method/accessor
   void SetType(type) { itsType = type; } // method/accessor

protected: //if we want to inherit this variable in another class, we have to use protected type (private is not visible outside this class)
   int itsType;


And then we create another class, which is strictly connected with CFurniture, e.g. CTable:

class CTable : public Furniture
  CTable(); // constructor
  ~CTable(); // destructor
  char GetColor() { return itsColor; } // method/accessor
  void SetColor(char color) { itsColor = color; } // method/accessor

  char itsColor;

In main() we are going to call the SetType() (to set) and GetType() (to get type) methods:

int main()
CTable Table;
Table.SetType(6); // here we set type of our table - type 6
cout << "This table is " << Table.GetType() << " type!" << endl; // here we get our set type
return 0;

You can see that it is very simple and we don’t have to create another methods in another class to activate it in main().



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